5 Alt coins That Could 100x in 2020

5 Altcoins That Could 100x  in 2020

5 Alt coins That Could 100x  in 2020
5 Alt coins That Could 100x  in 2020
let's be real everyone in crypto is

searching for that one coin that they

can flick a few hundred or a thousand

dollars in to go to sleep and wake up to

find their a millionaire that's living

the crypto dream right I've actually got

a friend or two who got involved in the

legendary ICO run of 2017 and turned a

few thousand dollars into a million

bucks for those that were there 2017 was

really an incredible time where people

could chuck money at almost any coin and

see their money ten times 50 times a

hundred times or more I'm going to reveal five

low-cap altcoins that have similar

potential I'll also give you some top

tips when it comes to choosing any

crypto portfolio as well as some common

pitfalls that you should try and avoid

so be sure to stick around just a few

quick things I need to say before

kicking off I am NOT a financial advisor

so please make sure to consult your

financial guy before making waves in the

crypto space this is purely an

educational resource and I encourage you

to do your own research as well also if

you're new to the channel the community

welcomes you I release videos like this

regularly so why don't you smash up that

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Bell get these reviews straight to your

inbox okay so you want to be a crypto

millionaire get strapped up as this

rocket prepares for a moon shot

before I dive into my list of top picks

I need to go over my selection process

this could also help inform your opinion

should you decide to look at other coins

that I've not covered here firstly let's

start with the valuation all of the

coins on this list are below the top 100

in market cap this is because in order

for a coin to have potential to ten

times or a hundred times it has to have

a relatively low market cap you can't

really expect a coin like aetherium with

a twenty billion dollar market cap to a

hundred times in the next two years

however the market cap can't be too low

as these often also difficult coins to

take positions on they have limited

exchange support and they have too much

liquidity risk then when it comes to

portfolio optimization I like to choose

coins with a holistic approach adding

assets to my position cannot be done

without consideration of the current

composition of the portfolio what do I

mean by that well you want to spread

your risk across different crypto

sectors if all of your plays are focused

on privacy coins for example then you

better be sure that these are the future

of crypto however if you have positions

in projects in the privacy space the

defy sector the gaming space etc you've

diversified your crypto play yes yes I

know what Warren Buffett says about

diversification but he also called

Bitcoin rat poison squared so no Warren

I don't give a damn what you think

because let's face it crypto itself is

still quite niche and nascent when

compared to broader global asset classes

so by decreasing individual project risk

you're increasing your chance of picking

that one moonshot think about how a

venture capital investor picks his

investments he's looking into high-value

startups in different sectors there will

be many that collapse but the hope is

that the gains from those that do well

will more than counter this

just take a look at the andreessen

horowitz portfolio for example they

backed only one crypto exchange in

coinbase only one social network in

facebook and they backed only one

ride-sharing company in lyft of course

they also have other considerations to

worry about like fiduciary conflict of

interest if they were to invest in

competing projects but you get my point


ok so I think I've made a case for

diversification and probably bored you

in the process so let me dive straight

into my top picks the first coin on my

list is a privacy coin play and this is

grim now for those who don't know grin

is one of the most well known

implementations of the mineral Windell

protocol and note this ain't some Harry

Potter hocus pocus mimbar Wimble is one

of the most ingenious privacy-preserving

protocols around mimbar Wimble is based

on the Bitcoin code base but is modified

not only to increase the privacy but

also the efficiency of the network the

main benefit here is it's one of the few

privacy coins that's also scaleable how

exactly does it do this well the exact

mechanics of this are beyond the scope

of this video check the links below for

more info but here is a 30 second

snippet in the Moonville Wimble protocol

transaction receivers are able to

generate a blinding factor when signing

a transaction although confidential

transactions need additional proofs with

each transaction making them cumbersome

member wendel sidesteps this by

stripping out the scripting behavior it

then combines the above-mentioned

blinding factors with dummy outputs to

achieve the privacy and security levels

of confidential transactions without

limiting performance anyways

grin is a completely open-source project

with no controlling organization

foundation or individual this contrasts

with the other member Wimble

implementation in beam which is run by a

company which raised private funding oh

and while we're on the topic of beam I

did a completely separate review last

year which you can watch right here

why do I like grin so much well because

I think that privacy is oh so serious if

you've watched any of my other videos

you'll know how much emphasis I place on

privacy financial or otherwise and on

the topic of mining grin uses a pretty

advanced algorithm called the CooCoo

cycle this is a sick resistant which

means you don't face the risk of minor

centralization that you have on other

block chains also I like the fact that

grin is run and funded by the community

for the community

similarly unlike with bheem there are no

early stage investors who scooped up all

the tokens in private rounds taking a

look at the markets grin has a fair

amount of liquidity and the token is

trading at fairly low historical levels

here are some of the markets you can

scoop it up

the next coin on my list is pretty

unique without many other competing

projects that I know of

this is Numa right with tikka nm are the

idea is pretty slick if you ask me it's

been called a tinder for markets a place

where data scientists can compete with

each other to find the best trading

algorithms by doing so these data

scientists are competing for the NMR

tokens so basically you can think of it

as loosely akin to the auger prediction

market however the crowdsource

predictions in this case come from data

scientists and the markets are broad any

market one can trade

the project is adding another angle to

their offering with arisia AirAsia will

allow users to sell their predictions to

any investment fund in the public

network by the peer-to-peer

interplanetary file system ipfs and

directly connect their crypto wallets to

the etherium based marketplace so

basically these data scientists will not

only be competing but they will also

sell their predictions to those who

could want to use them they're creating

a decentralized marketplace for trading

predictions all powered by NMR and

speaking of augur earlier did you know

that in January of this year there was

more staked on AirAsia than of all alga

markets combined pretty crazy right

apart from that the project has some

pretty strong backing there have been a

number of VC funds that have either

invested seed funding or have bought

into their private sale ICO

these include firms such as Union Square

Ventures paradigm and place holder and

such well-regarded funds definitely

don't invest in coins there is a

lot more to this project than I've gone

over here so I encourage you to check

out the links I've provided below in

terms of the markets for NMR they are

still quite depressed even after the

recent uptick in altcoin prices volume

and liquidity is decent although

exchange support is rather limited your

best bet among these few is bit recs

with some pretty decent liquidity on to

number three with my non fungible token

play and that is d central and this is a

really exciting project that's been

under development for over two years and

has recently launched their maintenance

a virtual reality platform built on

aetherium where users have the ability

to create and monetize their content

this is done through 3d virtual space

within the platform which is both

traversable and finite this space is

called land which is a non fungible

digital asset that the etherium smart

contract maintains so quite simply it's

a platform where users can develop their

own non fungible tokens and sell them in

this VR universe much like real-world

developers do in city neighborhoods the

utility token within this ecosystem is

mana which has to be burned in order to

create the land

this means that as demand increases for

the parcels within the decentralized

ecosystem the supply of mana will

decrease why am I so bullish on

decentraland well because I think that

non fungible tokens or NF T's are one of

those rare undiscovered gems in the

crypto space heck I even did a video on

it which you can watch over here

with decentraland you have the ability

to purchase and develop a unique token

that could be worth many many multiples

in the future let us not forget the

crypto Kitty's phase of 2017 where those

aetherium collectibles were trading

hands at crazy multiples and given that

this is all powered by mana it means a

strong use case for the token compared

to the other two projects mentioned

above mana has much more liquidity and

exchange support check out the markets

here finance bitch Rex whoa be up bit

and even coin based Pro no doubt a well

supported token prices have been on the

uptrend recently no doubt on the back of

that successful main net launch anyways

next token the global market for power

is huge every day billions in energy is

traded on the global financial markets

and power ledger wants to decentralize

it essentially the project is looking to

develop a peer-to-peer energy trading

protocol that's built on the etherion

blockchain and powered by smart

contracts the team hopes to take the

waste found in centralized electricity

networks and then distribute and

decentralize resources in order to

optimize the network and mitigate said


apart from decentralizing the trading of

electricity it's also democratizing it

think about it if you generate excess

solar power at your home you can easily

sell that on an open marketplace and

earn crypto a market place with no

overseer and completely transparent

pricing and transactions now another

really important thing to note is that

power ledger operates a dual token

system firstly you have the powr powr

tokens that allow consumers and hosts

providing the energy to interact with

the protocol then you have the sparks

with a Z tokens which are the utility

token used to trade the energy on the

market power tokens can be used to

generate sparks why my bullish on the

project well they're putting power in

the hands of the users see what I did


people want alternatives when it comes

to their electricity choices they want

to shop around for the best deals and

not have to rely on the monopolies in

their local utility what better way to

do this than a decentralized ledger also

the project has been forming a number of

partnerships and collaborations recently

from the public sector in the Indian

government to the private sector with

numerous energy retailers and suppliers

they've also tried to make the trade in

renewable energy one of their focuses

clean energy is another one of those

trends that everyone is trying to tap

when it comes to that power token

fundamental demand is driven by network

activity as more people start using

Power ledger they will need more power

in order to access the network holding

all else equal this could lead to an

increase in price

at the markets for the power token it

appears to be quite liquid with a decent

amount of liquidity take a look at the

exchange support here not too shabby

your best bet on that list is most

likely by Nance which has a pretty deep

Bitcoin power order book moving on

though let's take a look at our final

coin for those of you who've seen my

video on defy you will note that I am

really bullish on the space if you

haven't then you can watch it right here

a project that seems to be making

strides in the space is bank or bank or

as you may recall is a decentralized

exchange protocol that's well known for

completing one of the largest

icos in history in 2017 the project

raised an eye-watering 173 million

dollars in exchange for its ERC 20 bank

or network token BNT

Bank or platform is a decks protocol

that's built on the etherion blockchain

it employs an algorithmic market-making

mechanism through the use of smart

tokens these ensure liquidity and

accurate prices by maintaining a fixed

ratio in relation to the connected

tokens that's just the 30-second

overview i've linked to some additional

bank or material below that i encourage

you to take a look at now I know there

are a lot of decks platforms currently

on the market but bank or seems to be a

top choice for a number of niche ERC 20

tokens network activity is something

that I like to use as a measure of

interest in a protocol you can also hop

over to d5 pulse where you can see the

total amount that's locked in Bank or

defy Solutions is on the rise the past

two months have seen a dramatic jump in

the locked funds so there clearly it

seems to be something afoot it's also

worth pointing out that Bank Court has

expanded beyond etherion based tokens

through the use of their bank or X

solution automated conversions between

aetherium and EOS are also possible this

cross chain conversion functionality

allows for the decentralized trading of

tokens from either system and against

each other and as a project that's

raised over 150 million dollars in 2017

the bank or team has plenty of funds in

order to build out their protocol this

is compared to many other less

responsible projects that don't have

enough runway to build out their

protocols okay so I know what you're


but guy why is B NT so rekt well it's

hard to tell one of my guesses seems to

be because of regulatory uncertainty in

july of 2019 the network restricted

trading from those who were based on us

IP addresses let us not forget that the

SEC has precedent for targeting Dex's

when they dinged ether Delta for

facilitating the trade of unregistered

securities I think these are slightly

overblown the SEC is more likely to

target unregulated centralized exchanges

than their Dex counterparts so where can

you scoop these up perhaps your best bet

is to buy a dex token on said dex as

such you can easily swap your aetherium

etc on the bank or platform to get your

hands on

BNT failing that you can also purchase

some on a centralized exchange such as

by Nance

and that's it my top five coins that

should be on your list now of course I

will say that I don't exactly have a

crystal ball I can't tell you exactly

which of these will rock it and when

what I do know is that these projects

fit nicely into my highly optimized

altcoin portfolio like the VC investor

that tries to find the next uber or

Facebook this list is well diversified

enough to take advantage of the next

hottest trend in crypto whatever that

may be

could it be defy non fungible tokens or

privacy coins either one has a chance or

indeed all could rocket as more users

jump into the old coin space and on the

flip side this portfolio was designed

such that if only one coin was 200 times

and the rest were to go to zero I would

still have a pretty decent return on my

investment I should also point out that

this should also only be a subset of

your broader portfolio be sure to also

huddle a sizable portion of Bitcoin and

etherium as these could smooth out the

idiosyncratic risk posed by these lower

cap salt .

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