bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown-Bitcoing 2020, Halvin Bitcoin explained -bitcoin halving price prediction

bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown-Bitcoin Halving 2020, EBitcoixplained -bitcoin halving price prediction   

bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown-Bitcoing 2020,  Halvin Bitcoin explained -bitcoin halving price prediction

having in seven days money printer still

going absolutely out of control this is

like a cryptocurrency moon boys wet

dreams baby well welcome back to crowns

code okay actually bright and sunny

Tuesday morning over here from Helsinki

Finland as always want to be was she the

best the best in the haps of the

happiest which someone actually asked me

yesterday why didn't you why don't you

wish us well anymore well I do it's just

I do it at the end of the streams to

include but hey why the fuck not it's

free to do and it can only help I guess

anyways on top of that, we have plenty to

talk about with good old price action

today I'm gonna fall upon yesterday's

the balance he bounced which we saw we did

not hit actually specifically the lower

term target but then again that the the

triggering effect for that was never met

and the balance emerging from it the

first bounce target of 9,000 has been

hit so what next is essentially gonna be

the lower term conference but because

the lower term timeframes are really

starting to coincide with a medium and

higher term timeframes there's actually

a really big interest in the more

proximal movements of Bitcoin of which

the open interest actually accurately

named once again back above 700 million

so we could really have a chance here to

confirm the next sort of phase in the

mark cycle I want to see the shoot up

about 80 million to 100 million plus on

the next move and that should certainly

could I shouldn't say certainly but that

will do a damn good job and really

confirming the next sort of phase the

mark cycle which can really initiate

some very powerful moves which we'll get

into a little bit later

anyways on top of that all the all the

top end dashboard metrics are more or

less the same by the way this is on the

ground written application which can be

found for free by the way at apt crown

trade net and in what do we have here we

have the Bitcoin DOM and it's still

headed north going up a little bit for

message to today which we have been

bullish on for a while and I do believe

that this is on the precipice or

probably already has initiated those

higher term targets up into the 70 Plus

percent region so most all its gonna be

getting hurt versus Bitcoin on this next

move very very likely however if Bitcoin

goes up versus the US dollars which it

is kind of hitting out a few moves right

here and right there

then I would expect alts to go up versus

u.s. dollar however just not as much as

Bitcoin so they will likely

on the ratio but but not versus the

dollar a strong Bitcoin is good for all

strong a strong tide lifts all ships or

a high tide lifts all ships or a tide is

a ship no what the fuck was that man all

right so I don't edit my videos so I

can't edit that out so I'm just gonna

sound like a goddamn moron anyways

what's different man what's different

anyways crypto fear ingredient decks

actually taken down a little bit from

yesterday to today I'm still kind of

tied into the analysis here but really

the the the interest is with the open

interest so let's go into the price

action analysis charts and we'll start

with a two day I will go back down to

the lower term timeframe soon I

typically want to avoid higher term

timeframes during the during the week I

want to say that for the weekends

playlist titled long term analysis but

start off with the two day right here

just because it is of interest right now

and it is going to really align with the

lower term time from analysis to the two

hundreds in mood average which is a

swipe moving average right here has

accurately gotten a lot of the phase

shifts in Bitcoin going back to the

Genesis is it perfect no is any tool

perfect no not really but it does work

more or less for getting a long term

bias and what's relevant about this is

any time that we've been above it

generally bullish any time that we're

below it generally bearish the slope of

it further confirming that fact so

whenever it has a positive slope we're

still kind of you know biased towards

the long term upside when whenever it

has a negative slope and Bitcoin price

is below it as well then that is bias

towards the downside see that it gets a

pretty damn well again not perfect but

we're talking about macro areas here

going back all the way to well the

genesis let's move to spoke about and

now bringing it towards our further time

right here and what's what's significant

about this at the exact moment in time

is that this will I believe the ending

tonight yes it is so we get a new true

day till vote later it's not at 8:00

p.m. Eastern or time the reason why this

is relevant is because as you can see if

it if it ends here or higher at you know

anywhere above 9,000 essentially it's

gonna look like a retest of the torrid

simple and a confirmation of a bounce

which to me looks really really really

really really good for continuation to

see upside which now makes me want to go

down to our lower term timeframes right

here let's actually put back on all of

our beautiful and lovely and very

efficacious major movement averages and

just start off at the four hours so

yesterday I did say that I would be

looking for another sweep of the lows


got it you know I was looking a little

bit more more down towards like 8500 ish

region and then it bounced back up to

9,000 now what's actually changed here

is is that this bounces obviously

getting a little bit more and has

changed the very short term as I said if

Bitcoin does retake 9,000 on at the very

least a two-hour doodle closure which I

think we already have no actually no so

okay so yeah it's actually still

relevant to what we're looking at right

now it but at Bitcoin you know assuming

that Bitcoin does confirm this next for

our dolor and to our by that by that

measure because they're gonna be closing

at the same time essentially or actually

no 35 minutes for the next two hour two

and a half hours and for the next four

hour I would be looking for extension to

the top side of the short-term range

which is going to be right around 90 300

ish region yes I do have it oh right yes

I do have it right here but overall this

is just shaping up to be another higher

low on the lower term timeframe so on

the higher term timeframes as well and

shaping out to be what what appears to

be a an ascending triangle which is

typically a bill oshri accumulation

formation and does have a much higher

likelihood chance to break out to the

upside statistically speaking so looking

at it like this we can make a little bit

of a measure move here I mean do you

know do you want to call it an ascending

triangle do you want to call it a

bullish box at the end of the day man

the I've seen these things break every

goddamn which way well we can say though

is that there is a measure movie made

off this and what do you know it does

actually align rather perfectly with our

topside major major long-term macro

macro resistance which really does

change the the higher term time frame

picture that's when going back on over

here to the open interest charts that's

when that really starts to be a major

point of contention once again if we see

Bitcoin price action to reach up there

and major positions being added damn

good likelihood chance that we will

actually be breaking it and this is

shaping up to be pretty damn good right

here now with that said well I do think

that this is lining up to be a little

bit more short term bullish and and we

kind of already got that pullback from

yesterday all the way down here to 8500

region I do believe that this is

actually a damn good way to be managing

both for the upside and the downside

looking at this pivot point as the next

pivot before an actual decent downside

move as long as Bitcoin price action

remains above the low of yesterday which

is 85 27 even gone just a tick base so I

don't need to see a closed below there

but even

on a tick basis you know I don't really

see any real threat of a short-term

downside move however if we do lose that

area or or close a four-out dildo let's

call it below like

8650 either one of those does it

although I think I think just waiting

for a wick below this this last low is

it's probably a little bit better just

because there's a decent side move on

top of that I would look for extension

all the way down to 7900 region however

with the way that Bitcoin reacted from

yesterday's bounce and assuming that it

does close us next one above 9,000 I

don't think that that's very likely to

happen of course we'll look at

probabilities a little bit later but but

you know I do want to say at the outset

that I would actually not be looking for

that to happen the upside a little bit

more likely here or at least I would

imagine from a statistical narrative on

top of a formation narrative on top of

the trend narrative on top of

potentially even a moment from a sort of

narrative which let's see

for our Stokes headed upwards and

onwards looking good there yes we do

have a couple of competing trend lines

here but Jesus there's too many trend

lines hold on let's actually get I I do

want to do a little bit of a deep dive

into this or maybe not so much of a deep

dive but there's a few interesting

things here yes we do have this trend

line right here yes so you know it is

you know it is like that we do get a

little bit of a pushback right at the

edge of the bullish controls on which it

naturally meets up that however the full

picture is something like this working

on some sort of a falling channel within

it now I don't really trust formations

on on on Stokes as you know the same way

that I do an RSI but but assuming that

this does kind of hold it up a little

bit I would be looking for that to

overall be resolved to the upside

there's no measure move made on some

like that but it does align with a more

sort of RIA cumulation narrative from a

momentum author also to standpoint

you're essentially seeing a lost moment

to the downside as Bitcoin kind of

prints and higher lows at the same time

as what it's showing you anyways on top

of that we do see for our RSI popping

back up as well looking good there you

know I shouldn't say looking good but

not looking terrible a little bit of

hidden bullish evidence at the same time

I do believe that there that the easy

move from that has already played out so

I don't you know if I were to recorded

this video like a couple hours earlier

which would be just too fucking early

for me that would be like 6:30 a.m. for

myself it's it's right now about 8:30

you know probably could have caught that

one but but looking like right now it's

just gonna fill out the short-term time

frame range and do I think that it's

gonna break to the upside it's looking

likely especially from the momentum all

sort of standpoint of which we have been

acting steadily on for our store could

follow 30 percentile as well I do think

that this is probably to come down a

little bit more setting up for a

breakout very likely somewhere right

around here which is maybe a little bit

later this week on the lower term time

frame so resolving that range

essentially let's see if they let's see

if the ones below this kind of agree

with this and we see the three hours so

it's coming from the same area basically

the same setup as well actually a little

bit more orderly here to which i think

is good for three hour RS I'm doing the

same thing you know looking looking okay

looks like it wants to you at least test

the bullish control zone and kinda and

see if we can hold in there it looks

like it looks like it probably will to

our Stokes already up there so we're

gonna be flying around a little bit out

of matchin the hourlies are kind of

flip-flopping around tube so technically

all of them are kind of postured for a

nice upwards cross here but what price

point do we need to maintain for that

momentum to remain in that direction and

this is really the the the ideas that

have been postulated recently after

receiving this amazing tool from Bali

and and by the way a lot of people been

asking you know is this available at

some point I do believe that Bali

actually will make this available not

pub are it at first it it'll probably be

approached and get into it but just if

you if you think about sending me a PM

asking if if you can have access to this

I that's not up to me it's not I do not

own the code I'm just I'm just lucky to

be able to know Bali and be able to use

them myself he's a goddamn genius when

it comes down to it and all that work

with him that being pig and perhaps a

couple others they are great but at the

end of the day it's up to him not me so

so just a little bit of patience and I'm

sure that you know and maybe like

another a few weeks or something like

that we'll have something cool to

announce anyways um so the upwards

momentum remains on the four-hour dildo

time frame as long as Bitcoin price

action is basically above the last prior

low so I really really really really

really like that for management for you

know for position management area again

this is not finished by some month I'm

not a financial visor but I'm sure

people can kind of figure out what the

fuck I'm doing by what I'm saying so

fair enough and you know obviously

protecting that last little higher low

right there so as long as we were above

that area the for our momentum remains

he upside let's see how the three hour

looks from that from that perspective

pretty much the same area a little bit

higher than that at eighty seven twenty

nine you can see to our is technically

is technically still up

right now as well and it will remain the

upside as long as we are above 8950

region and our Li is flip-flopping a

little bit it will cross the it's

ethically up right now although it

across to the downside with any sort of

an out of the door close below 90 50 so

the way that I look at that is that they

are a little bit bifurcated here but

more more than anything the obvious

thing is that we do have this higher low

right here makes a nice little

management point and as long as you

remain above there you know it's a

short-term time frame look bullish yes I

would say so and if we look at the

medium term timeframes I'd imagine that

it's probably gonna be somewhere around

that $9,000 mark and about there you

fucking go so here's what I can say a

little bit more full-heartedly or a

little bit more directly it Bitcoin does

close this next 12 hour delay especially

above 90 100 or even just above 9,000

I'm looking for another drive at the

very least to ninety three ninety four

hundred US region so that's a $300 for

nadal our move from where we are right

now so decent enough but realistically

the next big move that I'd be looking

for is for this range to be resolved

with any sort of a for a little closure

above 90 200 which by the way would

correlate quite well with that with that

12-hour now wouldn't it we could make a

measure move all the way up here towards

our 9700 resistance which outlines the

major major area from the macro

perspective that it's a 6.8 Fibonacci

retracement from the from the ultimate

high to the ultimate low of this last

cycle that we had from about 3,100 to

14000 that is also though our last major

descending trendline coming in from the

$14,000 high connected with our last

major high right here in in early

February and then also it is a couple of

important order blocks coming in from

this breakdown in late February and also

this fake-out that we had over here

during the China News when you know

during October when whatever China was

saying that made Bitcoin pump or

whatever the fucking narrative was he

you know I think I was on a plane during

that time as well looking at it from a

weekly perspective things look more or

less good here well I do still think

that there could be a test down to about

seventy nine hundred US region I do

believe that that would be a massive

opportunity and with and with and will

will kind of mash up with the stock

market in just a bit here but it might

have already been that we've already

seen the downside for this week as I've

been saying I did I was looking for

downside to start off this week is 8,500

the extent to it and did traditional

mark to see it down to like 280 we'll

have to look at traditions on their own

but bitcoins looking like it could have

very well been

however like I said if if if if you see

the four-hour or I should say this is

not furnished less I'm not a fair

adviser but if it you know if I see the

four hour even just closed below

8650 or wake below the current low at 80

85 27 on Mexico I would be looking for

that seventy nine hundred tick to be met

you know does it happen like that as a

snap of a snap of a good old mardan's

fingers no I well I don't know about

that but I would be looking for that for

that next target to be hit you know

probably over the next few days there's

something like that if that trigger was

met but until that triggers met this

just looks like a consolidation at a

higher level and remembered that the

12-hour Golden Cross has officially

happened as of yesterday and did we get

you know did we get our test down to the

21x entrance you could say that with

yesterday's price action yes but but now

I'll just be looking for this to gain

divergence way from each other as this

as across strengthens at the next big

thing that I'd be looking at as well is

a two day right the two day which was

which I was postulated around the the

the the the two day death cross right

here that actually is gonna have one of

those fake out signals which is equally

as powerful but to the other side

obviously and and what remember I was

looking for like a big downside moved

based off this assuming that we were

actually in a hold to 21 to the downside

that's not happening right here as long

as we're above the 21 that's obviously

not gonna I mean as long as above the

200 it's not gonna happen at all but

what's equally just as likely to happen

right now is we're gonna see a pretty

damn powerful cross of four different

moving averages we have the ten simple

the red 10 simple we have the yellow 21

we have the green 55 and we have the

purple 200 and even the 89 s right there

as well so all of them are combined at

about the same area and you can imagine

that if they were to all flip around

into a bullish posture meaning all lower

appears below above higher periods as

Bitcoin is essentially above the two and

it's a moon average all at the same time

which they naturally will probably in

the next tick or two which one of them

is coming tonight and then the next one

on I guess Thursday or Friday no Friday

Thursday Thursday Friday third whatever

sound like a fucking squirrel man that

would be a damn good signal that we are

gonna see a pretty massive pump at the

very least two five digits you know Ted

you know 10,000 bucks what I'm saying

and it's that you know is that gonna be

good enough to actually break the


cruz' since probably yes so again if

you're in the TA program make sure that

you review the the EMA module because

there's a lot included in there with

regards to what to look for specifically

for this sort of for you know for the

sort of cross anybody's going to the

daily I should talk about you know north

northern targets if and when we do get

there so Bitcoin word a word ahead up to

this major macro level and actually take

it out you know on first pass it

probably is gonna push it back I'd

imagine that you know on first pass we

probably do sell off from like 97 or 98

hundred back down to where we are right

now like low nine thousand but if if if

which I don't think that this is

happening today but if it were to a

close above let's call it ninety eight

hundred to be a little more conservative

here I would look for extension let me

get rid of this area actually not

relevant to what we're looking at right

now I would look for extension at the

very least pretty damn quickly to ten

thousand five hundred ish region our

last major our last major high on a

weekly closing basis and a daily closing

basis for that matter this last major

fake out that we had right here a few

months ago in February of 2020 actually

a couple months ago it looks like and

that is the next big macro area because

the Bitcoin actually does close a weekly

above there now we once again are in the

talks of having a weekly uptrend we

would have a higher high technically

speaking we don't necessarily have a

higher low just yet so at some point we

probably would come back down and scare

the shit out of you know out of everyone

and instead in a higher low somewhere

probably around the twenty one on the

weekly wherever that ends up being

around that time but but assuming that

Bitcoin could actually close above ten

thousand or I guess it's ten thousand

sorry on the weekly it's only ten

thousand one hundred fifty on on stamp

you know what a daily closing basis

about ten five whichever one happens

first you know should do weekly

obviously gonna hold more weight but I

do think that the daily gets it I would

look for extension if that were to occur

all the way up to you eleven thousand

five hundred that's where the major

macro areas really do start change

around herbal as well because we've had

so many rejections around there from a

longer time frame period we do see you

know the January break down right here

before like a fifty percent move from

twelve thousand to six thousand double

top right here before twelve thousand

again to six thousand then a couple of

couple of tops being put in here in July

and in August of 2019 so that area does

hold a lot of weight store eclis

speaking obviously the volume profile

showing a major

shifty behavior above there as well just

nothing doing so it's you know big one

gets back above there that's when we

really can talk about sixteen thousand

and twenty thousand bucks again and I

mean we'll get to that bridge when we

cross it but for right now with the

twenty one cross the episode of the

fifty-five on the weekly I'm not bearish

off that I'll put it that way I'm

actually quite bullish on this I think

that most Bitcoin comes back down at

seventy nine hundred and you know if

that would even happen that would be a

major buy at least on the first pass you

know Bitcoin does you know Bitcoin does

stall a little bit down there then yeah

that could be a signal that we will come

all the way back down to like you know

six thousand bucks or something like

that but that's just not looking likely

right here especially with the stock

market being quite strong itself strong

stock market seems to be doing pretty

damn good for Bitcoin also considering

that that's been the goddamn trend for

the last ten years so you kind of want

that to happen now so all the

cryptocurrency moonboys looking for the

death of traditional markets to help out

Bitcoin it's actually the other way

around you want you want rich Marx

didn't do good historically speaking for

Bitcoin okay so let's go check out CME's

here how are CME's looking right now

CME's looking pretty damn orderly as

well hanging out above the tour net

simple as long as we were above there

and which is 8600 which is pretty much

where the last local low was from

yesterday's price action so I'll

actually put in a little she move this

alert up right there to yesterday's low

as you know as long as we're both there

I do look for this just kind of slowly

but surely kind of crawl its way higher

it looks a lot more obviously bullish on

CME's and this just kind of shaping out

to be some sort of a some sort of an

ascending triangle just basically an

uptrend you know we have with higher

lows and higher highs like what's it's

crazy man it's crazy so I do think that

we're probably gonna see you know 93 or

94 hundred tick today I think that's

quite likely and I'd probably be looking

for a push back on the first you know

the first test and then if Nick one

closes a four-out doodle what's called

above 93 I'd look for overall extension

to ninety seven ninety eight hundred so

you know another you know short term

moves right there but leading into the

macro areas and that is I mean that's

that's I I welcome that especially when

Bitcoin is you know giving you $400

moves on a short term time I mean that's

just fucking insane to me it's just

fucking insane anyways I've already been

recording this video for twenty minutes

maybe I can if maybe I can't even make

this video on the shorter side so let's

go look at the

expected moves chart so I'll once again

pull up this area right here now

remember this the this blue box right

here is only relevant to the short-term

timeframes I'd feel a lot more confident

with saying 9300 however if we do close

a 12 hour dildo above

9200 I think that that does it as well

so so I'm gonna look at both the well

you know what no no I'm gonna stick with

that because it's because a 12 hour it

does seem to get things pretty damn well

here so we could actually even look at

night 9000 as it is right now on a four

hour total closure that's a 55% chance

that we actually do close above and that

one's coming in two hours and 19 minutes

and 41 seconds that probably does it for

me to be fair but let's you know but

let's look at what would it what would

it take to close above 92 on the next

400 total I'm showing showing 20 almost

27% pretty fucking good as well I would

say that that would that would very

likely do it for you know for a test

that helps out of the medium-term range

so let's go now to let's let's let's now

look at the conservative look I mean all

of them are obviously astronomically

higher than the downside probability

I'll even keep it like 8550 give it a

little bit of life there we can look at

a twelve-hour here and I am on future I

believe yes yes I am and and what are we

looking at okay so yes 2020 and a

quarter percent chance to close above it

on the upside for 90 300 I think I think

at 12:00 our I mean I'm using 90 300

right now that's a little bit that's

very conservative I'd say even above 90

150 92 or did this blue box right here

it probably does it for another

continuation Drive up here and that's

that's pretty fucking hot already I'll

use ninety two hundred now that's gonna

be about thirty percent I mean this is

this is dramatically higher than what we

see for the downside probability target

now the downside probability target we

could you know that's you know to be

fair that is a little bit lofty to the

downside I could just as easily use 9000

but that's only relevant to the

short-term timeframes if Bitcoin and I

can say this a little bit more directly

as well if Bitcoin closes next for out

dildo actually it's not even above it's

not even below 9,000 it's below eighty

nine hundred if we do close below eighty

nine hundred I would probably be looking

for another

potential high or low to be put in

somewhere down around here although that

wouldn't necessarily be a high or low at

that point but would get the lower term

timeframes do people really care about

that I don't know I don't we can just

look at it really quickly who cares man

why not the TA nerds are here are only

here at this point we're past a 22

minute mark and I know my analytics no

one fucking watches a video past 10

minutes so so we got rid of them already

so yes actually you know if we do use

8900 downside probabilities is is is a

little bit higher than the upside target

probability but that doesn't really play

out for too much of a move I'd be

looking for extension down to like 86 if

that would have happened but that

doesn't that doesn't imply for the move

than that it's below 85 50 really that

you know that that that next 500-600 our

move is it you know it's implied to the

downside so I'm gonna go back to 80 85

50 and let's actually actually I'll do

even 8600 I want to give it a little bit

of a boost there and we'll look at the

daily as well I want to go back to our

charts over here I just want to make

sure what would a daily look like at

that price point I mean a daily anywhere

above 9000 looks good to me

realistically but but especially above

90 200 looks it looks it looks very nice

so I'll keep it at 90 200 for now and

the probabilities for that is 36 and 1/3

percent for today's daily doodle closure

and sorry verses 17 spot 6 5 percent for

the downside and remember that was like

the very short or actually no that is

the 8600 level so it is still within the

realm of possibility you know that

double-digit percentage it sounds small

but it's actually rather high obviously

in the 30s is astronomically high but so

you know the upsides still more likely

here looking at the Rings we do see that

they're kind of flattening out here I

don't really have a I don't really have

a biased Madoff that and I do want to

check out the troll under bands here as

well let's see how they're doing

trolling new bands showing topside

topside resistance coming in around 90

400 so do we get a spike up here

probably yeah probably yeah hmm and

essentially even be like more more

aggressively bullish as long as bitcoins

above 80 $900 for our closure the next

12 our closure anywhere above 90 150 290

200s region I'll be looking for at the

very least attest to 93 94 out of this

region but Real Estate's

you know I I do think it's setting up

for a breakout to the upside and we're

gonna test the top sort of resistance of

this whole structure here and

to where the fun stuff can happen but a

lot of things coinciding with it

coincided in that region so I would

initially be looking for a push back on

there and then setting up for

potentially a nice nice move a little

bit later let's go look at traditional

markets as well

we can go someone's made the request to

look at NIST nifty the Indian kind of

major Boris or major index which I'm no

I'm not too familiar with it so I do

want to say that the outset you know I'm

just taking my traditional market

experience in US equities to this so you

know for what it's worth I do want to

kind of preface the conversation by

saying that looks toppy - me but looks

but also looks short-term like it wants

to test to the upside probably back up

towards 9600 but overall I do you think

that a nice nice medium-term top isn't

it probably tests to the downside over

the next few weeks probably back down to

like eighty nine hundred but let's see

what you know us marks are looking like

or futures are looking like after we

look at Japan Japan same thing you know

probably pops back up towards 20,000 but

I do think that overall it's gonna reach

for the downside German mark is closed

down three and a half percent yesterday

same I think same thing here as well

probably back up to like ten six ten

seven and then probably tesam downside

after that now let's go check out now

futures now as futures we said we're

likely to pop up yesterday back up to

this area right here we have hit that

target now the real question is if

Bitcoin breaks to the if brick if

Bitcoin breaks to the north side here do

I expect tradition marks to break to the

north side as well I mean I mean

bitcoins looking more likely to do that

so I'd have to say well yeah and what do

you know we have an uptrend here as well

it's it's it looks it looks like kind of

a sloppy sloppy ascending triangle with

this as kind of an actual point so you

know what I can say with traditional

markets you know I was looking for a

pullback this week I think I I think I'm

gonna be wrong on this I think I'm gonna

be wrong in this the way that this is

gonna be accumulated so aggressively I

don't think it's appropriate to be

bearish it you know short term immediate

term yes I yes I have been saying that

the low is very likely in for tradition

markets but I also was saying that we

probably are going to test them down so

this week I think it's I think it's very

possible that we actually just saw that

yesterday in this you know and just as

just as you know here's the thing with

this just as easy or sorry just as it

just as as we were looking in Bitcoin

the easy kind of target for

downside continuation on on on now's

features and we'll look at spy features

as well it's just taking out yesterday's

low which is right around eighty five

fifty so you know if you do see price

action back down around there and and

and just even a few ticks below I would

look for Ascension down to our downside

target still you know eighty eighty

three hundred on on now as futures and

then probably ultimately like seventy

nine fifty four four four spy futures

we'll look at the relevant levels in a

second year but so far so good and I

really liked it daily for now futures

there certainly lead in the market I do

think and and I'd be looking at this as

the next actionable point so if we do

get a four-eyed little closure above

eighty nine fifty I'll look for another

retest of this high and probably beyond

I don't really see too much stopping you

from actually not that level but this

level right here guess we already kind

of hit that to be fair maybe we move it

up a little bit you know maybe somewhere

right around like ninety two fifty and

then another big level right here at

about around the ninety four hundred ish

region looking at emini futures for a

spy we do see about the same thing we

hit the area that we've speaking about

yesterday bouncing up which we did say

was gonna happen yesterday but I think

I'm changing around here where I don't

think that this is gonna get this I

don't think that this is gonna turn into

rejection here the reason why I say that

is because I you know looking at all all

the momentum all said it's the mommy

also it is in there chicken 10 DS

heating up here so I I don't think that

I should be bearish on this no so I

think I'm gonna be wrong about about

looking for looking for further downside

this week I think it's very relevant

that this could pop back up above here

and if you do see a four out double

closure not even four out let's see we

can use an hourly and traditional it's

just it's just as fine any sort of an

oddly dildo closure I wouldn't be more

concerned with it back above 293 91 it

looks like I'd look for a retest of the

prior high and then likely beyond as

well next major area from a macro

standpoint on on e-mini futures is well

we got three hundreds gonna be a nice

even number but realistically I don't

see really much soft knee from about 310

to 313 region of which we can go back to

spy over here and looking like it's

gonna play a little bit more of a bounce

you know I imagine we're very likely to

open up somewhere right around like 290

and then assuming that we get a little

bit of continuation there and close you

know one of those timeframes that

actually matters above that region I

will look for overall continuation yeah

probably up to like 310 region

some more like this some more like this

somewhere right around 310 to 313 region

and same thing for the down side as well

if we do take out yesterday's low which

is 279 spot 1/4 I would be looking for

extension at the very least down to last

week slow right around the 21st of April

at 272 in 3/4 probably another small

bounce there and then for the

continuation down to the targets that we

mentioned earlier this week or sorry

yesterday I guess it was so there you go

other than that you know it's it's

looking like gonna have a chance here so

I do think that I do think that it's

relevant to reassess my hours I might

look from yesterday and I wouldn't

necessarily be looking for rejection

here on the first pass I do think that

or you know I do think that at bitcoins

kind of shaping up to be a little more

on the bullish side especially from a

statistical standpoint we're probably

gonna see traditional markets you know

mirror that in fact they're probably

gonna lead it so sometime around

tradition Mark's opening later to our

site today at 9:30 a.m. Eastern a time

we should see that move if it is good if

it is gonna happen it probably happened

somewhere somewhere right around there

in that first hour so stay tuned because

I think today could be a nice and fun

day now of course you know while I have

been saying that you know I'm a little

bit more angle to the up towards the

upside here like I said if we do take

out yesterday's low I would be looking

for extension down here now there's $600

or sorry $700 so very very relevant

almost 10% move treat this area probably

know their bounce here and then if you

know if this area breaks then we got

some new to talk about for the long term

mate you know maybe a big reversal back

down to 6,000 but but that doesn't

really look very likely or very relevant

to the current picture so with that said

I'm gonna be signing off I want to wish

you well and until next time take care

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