Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction May 2020-latest information for Bitcoin (BTC) price

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction May 2020-latest information for Bitcoin (BTC) price

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction May 2020-latest information for Bitcoin (BTC) price
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction May 2020-latest information for Bitcoin (BTC) price

Welcome everyone to hf n also known as

today's May 13, 2020, here to give you all

this update and Bitcoin.

 this is our Bitcoin price forecast to see whether

price of Bitcoin is gonna go over the

next couple of days you guys saw about three days ago we were

expecting to market a Bitcoin to do

another shot to the downside and for the

the most part it did that but we told you

also in that video to keep your eyes

open on that $8,400 level because if the

the market can hold that particular price as

support and we will see the price of

Bitcoin move higher and that's precisely

how the market has played out now this

is your first time  we are the location to where we

are tracking the market travelers

position on this price chart because of he

wants to take your money plain and simple

the cryptocurrency market the stock

market all markets literally is utilized

to take your money so we need to come up

with a way to where we can forecast and

predict where the market trapper is

going to go so we can beat him to the

punch so we can take his money back

or at least take his money from him so

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platform follow us on social media

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will be in the description of this video

as well so let's break down to look at

the performance of the market trapper

for Bitcoin so TBR did our video right

there on May 2 10 20 20 looking for the

the market in Bitcoin a move to the downside

we had a TP around eighty-four hundred

dollars we also mentioned that Bitcoin

can come down to 80 100 to $8,000 it

fell short of those two locations so

maybe yours paying attention to that

$8,400 left like we were to see some

support comes into the market in Bitcoin

and it did so 2.6 5% at least you could

have bagged took that money back from

the trap and put it back into your

pocket let's get rid of that and now

we're going to talk about how the market

is faring and Bitcoin in general so a

a lot hasn't really changed the market in

Bitcoin according to the market traffic

is still showing to us that we're still

maintaining a trading channel and that

the range is between eighty-four hundred

dollars all the way back up to ninety

two currently with industry hm I'm

telling you now that this market is

upholding the strength well but it

doesn't mean that it's gonna last

it doesn't mean that Bitcoin is gonna

continue to track up towards that ten

thousand dollar level the focus is right

there around ninety-two hundred we need

to pay attention to the market traps

position at ninety-two hundred dollars

to see whether or not he's gonna

maintain the strength in this market for

a Bitcoin because if he does then yet

we're gonna try to find some restriction

next level in ninety-six hundred okay

looking at Bitcoin on the four-hour

chart the market is still reflecting and

indicating to us that there is still

strength being seen the only problem

that I see in the very near term is nine

thousand dollars being the restriction

that's it because the next level to be

tags are gonna be ninety-two maybe even

ninety-four hundred if we get enough

volume to push the value of Bitcoin

higher we got to get the volume to play

out even in order for us to hit ninety

four hundred dollars okay but the 4-hour

chart I'm not necessarily seeing a lot

of weakness being reflected on the

4-hour chart

three-hour price bars once again I

really don't see that most weakness but

like I stated $9,000 is a hindrance

9200 alts would be the next area of

hindrance for big

okay so just real quick just going

through the hourly timeframe to see

whether or not bitcoin is really seen

enough weakness in this space and I

don't see it there's no weakness being

seen into the market in Bitcoin right

now okay so we're going to continue to

play them strengths in Bitcoin for the

the moment we're gonna play it on the 4-hour

the chart in Bitcoin and our focal needs to

be at nine thousand four restriction

initially, so you know to take a small

profit off of that half a percent market

the movement to the upside in Bitcoin but

we're still gonna try to tag this market

around ninety-two hundred dollars okay

like I stated the market Trevor don't

like even numbers he likes to play on

the small odd numbers so instead of like

ninety-two hundred will do around ninety

one sixty-one something like that okay

so still be about two and a quarter

percent profit into the market in

Bitcoin so while we're trading in this

channel for Bitcoin we're gonna play the

market movement and Bitcoin to the

upside paying attention to around 80

hundred dollars for support but again

eighty-six hundred can also be a support

area as well okay so we're going to continue to play this

strength in the market and Bitcoin while

I was trained within his range market

movement it doesn't look that weak right

now but rather we're going to play the

the market in Bitcoin with the move higher

right so we're gonna play it on the

4-hour chart with Bitcoin anticipated to

continue to see the higher price that's it

we just need to continue to sit back let

the market Trevor do his business and us

are just our forecast accordingly make

sure you maintain profitability.

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