bitcoin price coinmarketcap bitcoin news bitcoin dump

bitcoin price coinmarketcap bitcoin news bitcoin dump 

bitcoin price coinmarketcap bitcoin news bitcoin dump

bitcoin price coinmarketcap bitcoin news bitcoin dump 

hey guys just want to give you a quick

update on what I'm expecting and what

I'm looking at yesterday I put out a

video it was this one here at Bitcoin

breakout and about eight hours

coincidentally it broke out exactly

eight hours,,

is how it played out I was expecting we

pushed above this ring uh potentially

get a breakout but specifically I was

saying pay attention to this ring here

I'll go through some of these charts and

give you some support and resistance

levels but you can see we pushed up

above it we found support and then we

pushed up this is how it played out this

this purple ring and I'll show you this

ring as well we found resistance

previously on it and then we found these

on it again you see this how much we

pushed up after he cross this ring it

wasn't a huge move but people that were

following me we're expecting this move

so you know at this point you know you

buy in you write it up and you sell at

the top and you know I was telling

people this was our resistance and you

can see that we repeatedly got

resistance at it so this is what I'm

gonna get into and try to show you what

I'm looking at is a time frame let's see

so you can see that this ring right here

was previously giving us our resistance

and support and let me go to the one

hour here right now you can see that

we're underneath this ring so if we push

above this ring and this is around eight

thousand eight hundred and ninety eight

if you push above that then obviously

your resistance is going to be this ring

right here I was telling people in a

tweet I said if we continue down these

are support levels to pay attention to

and this was talking about 8,500 sixty

and then this is a bit mix chart which

so support around eighty seven hundred

and you can see that you know we came

down right to this ring we're respecting

this ring the purple ring in this purple

fifth circle we came down we found

support here previously at eight

thousand eight hundred and seventy and

then we found support again which is

around eight thousand seven or fifty-one

so it's possible that we get rejected

here at eight thousand eight hundred

ninety-eight and then we'll keep

bouncing back and forth until we get to

the apex now I could adjust this

different ways and it's kind of hard to

know this down what pattern we're in

first of all I'd like to point out that

I don't work we're still forming

whatever pattern were in we're still

forming it as possibly could drop down

lower if this could be a descending

triangle we'll have to wait and see what

happens but we haven't broken out of any

pattern because the volume is still low

when we do break the pattern we should

have a pretty huge to move to the upside

or the downside and you'll be able to

tell with all the volume so I guess I'm

getting at is if you push up look for

your resistance to be this purple ring

that would be potentially you know again

and guys if you have access to the

charts then you know exactly what that

price will be are these most of these

are at angles and these are curves so

depending on when you hit it depends on

what price would be so again if we move

up look for a possible resistance around

9050 to 9000 you know depending if we go

straight up or go to an angle that is if

we make it above this orange ring around

8900 otherwise we'll come back down at

s2 support

if we break that support when you come

back down and toughs this this purple

ring here which potentially were my

cursor is at now is eight thousand six

hundred eighty nine so this is that ring

sum cost it we had a pump and this is

just showing their support we were

reporting support here since we broke

that support we came down you see we

broke below this but we kind of phone

support on the screen line guys there's

different charts always refer to

different charts this is the bit mix

chart this is where I I was telling

people to pay attention for support

because we came down we hit a support

and moved up so you know as soon as we

came down and stopped near this line

that's where I bought in I'm out right

here because I'm not sure if we're gonna

make it above this orange ring has given

us resistance again if we do you know

push up here otherwise we're gonna be

bouncing back and forth we break to the

upside or the downside for back to the

upside to probably test this ring if you

push above this ring potentially expect

a pump

and of course we break the structure we

might come down test this ring here

let's see mmm this is the bitstamp

I don't have a letter but this is one of

the bit snap charts this has shown to be

this channel or this this line this bib

channel has shown to be a support and

what I was trying to do here what this

line right here is to represent this

orange ring where we're currently

getting resistance at so and that that's

what I'm saying if we continue sideways

and bounce back and forth in here

obviously this could break up or down

anytime and doesn't I'd be a significant

move I'm just giving you a point where

something can happen so you know by

Tommy Big Sight apex we're looking at

potentially 14 hours and that would be

14 hours bouncing between support and

this orange ring right here and actually

I'll save this so you guys loaded up

you'll see it the other scenario and you

see we were finding resistance on this

purple ring and we're finding support on

this trendline here so if we do not

break you know they say if it do not

break above this we could break sooner

but the apex 4 supports right here on

this trendline and resistance on this

purple ring that would potentially be

between now and one day and nine hours

so just pay attention to that timeframe

and let me see here so this is the

cracking chart this is a great chart to

use for larger moves I did add this fit

circle in on a previous video I'm not

sure how many back it was it might be

like three videos back but you know

price had already pushed up when I

created this fifth circle and I wanted

to see how price would respect this next

ring you can see that

you know we pushed up we got resistance

we put swea above it found more

resistance more resistance we pushed up

you see we found support on this ring

two times now so it's possible we could

keep coming down and finding support on

this ring you know potentially could

break it and have it drop but if someone

point out how well price is respecting

this ring let's see and also some

support levels so if we have another


obviously it's possible we could keep

moving down this ring but your next

strong support I don't really see any

support on this level with this a

trendline here but you can see this red

line we've had a lot of support

resistance on this trend line right here

so one potential drop target for you to

pay attention to would be and again this

is at an angle you know if we had a drop

straight down you're looking at

potentially 7600 you know out here is

seven thousand seven hundred and twenty

so I pay attention to that support level

and again because price has been

respecting it so well previously chances

are it's going to respect it again this

chart here this might coincide with

another chart you can see that this

trend line right here has been a lot of

support and this one has been to but the

one above has been more support so if we

have a smaller drop look at a target up

around eight thousand 637 out here is

eight thousand five hundred ninety six

and again guys that's why I say compare

different charts to get an idea I'm just

kind of going through these I'm kind of

winging it I guess that pretty much

covers that let me give you a larger

drop target so let's say that we do

break the support right here and we have

a larger drop I would like to point out

this ring right here we this is where we

broke above this ring we found

resistance underneath this ring right

here this was at seven thousand seven

hundred eighty nine and you can see how

much of resistance this was as soon as

we broke this point you see we had this

pump going all the way up here to nine

thousand five hundred so if we do have a

pretty substantial drop

I do think that well right here where my

cursor is at 7,000 755 this is slightly

at a downward angle so you know out here

is 7,000 738 I do think that this ring

right here will be a lot of support if

we have a drop so do pay attention to

that but the main thing to get out of

this is possible we push above this this

orange ring at 8901 Segen at this purple

ring they pushed above that and as I

told you in that previous video if you

watched it if we do get a pawn you know

we could pump as high as has this this

yellow ring because that's what we've

we've done before repeatedly every time

we have a pump see we pop up and get

resistance at the capitulation ring this

yellow rings capitulation ring you get a

pump get resistance get resistance get

resistance when we push through we have

a major pump and you see it respected

this purple Phipps or purple here found

resistance underneath it

pushed up end resistance pushed above it

down support on this one found

resistance so this purple tip circle is

in play so if we do drop below this you

could look at your next potential target

well if you go down here again

everything is there an angle this is

eight thousand eight hundred eighty one

there's a lot of confluence right here

on eight thousand and remember eight

thousand that's a very important number

for Bitcoin because we've been at eight

thousand going back while going back in

good ways I'd have to go to the day we

need to show you that the other thing I

want you to pay attention to is also by

the way I do have stocks available guys

these are the stocks I currently have

Dow Jones Apple Google Tesla Amazon

Facebook Cleveland close Maxx or Boeing

JPMorgan Lockheed Martin these need to

be updated these were the old style

charts for S&P 500 and oil mm-hmm man

once you pay attention to the Dow Jones

this is the actual chart we were in a

rising wedge so we're kind of moving

sideways out of this and you know

Bitcoin seems to be following the stock

market so the stock market drops more

you can expect Bitcoin to follow suit

stock market goes up you know bitcoins

gonna go up as well one way or one thing

I do is I go to

if you just if you just do uh I'll put

the link for this in the description but

if you do Dow Dow Jones pre-market

trading you'll get this but I would pay

attention to this um visit this page and

keep refreshing it right now it's in the

negative 35 points you know if this

starts to go up higher

you know like negative 300 or whatever I

mean because the last time it was a

negative 300 that's when we had this

drop this one we had this drop right

here where we came down 11% so this is a

great indicator the higher this goes and

the negative expected drop if this

starts going in the positive then you

can expect Bitcoin to follow suit

also you know I'll have a link for this

Ostia blockchain whispers it's kind of a

mixed signal here I don't try speed

phonetics bit Mex it's crazy there's

sixty six point six five percent longs

to 33% shorts

so everybody's long a bit Mex but on

Finance there's more shorts than long so

they said mixed signals here but overall

there's more Long's and shorts so you

know if if they if they tank the market

now to liquidate Long's you know bit Mex

would do well Biff next would do well in

finance not so much so I it seems likely

it might go sideways for a bit but we'll

just have to see what happens

but I just wanted to give you that guy's

sorry I didn't plan this out too well I

just want to say what I'm looking at the

most important thing is pay attention to

this this purple ring because we are

respecting this again I said we would

catch a balance at this ring we did if

you don't make it about this we'll

probably bounce back and forth

potentially come down test this ring we

break it will come down lower we push

above this purple ring that I expect

we'll get a substantial pop and again

these if you have access to charts guys

you know all of these will be temporary

resistance but do expect and again if

you're super bullish guys you know this

fit circle right now that we seem to be

respecting right here you know if we do

push up above this with a lot of volume

the next the next orange ring up

you know almost at the apex of this

capitulation ring this up here around

ten thousand eight hundred I'm not that

bullish I don't expect it to go that

high but I just wanted you to have

targets to the upside and the downside

and kind of the timeframe...

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