DOGE Price Prediction -DogeCoin in 2020-analyses

DOGE Price Prediction -DogeCoin in 2020-analyses
Add capDOGE Price Prediction -DogeCoin in 2020-analyses on

welcome  new coming in and about

twenty-three ayat our cosmos Z cash nm

DG by FTX Oakland and now I'm gonna move

on to doggy quite coming in at number 30

with Latika

doggy I used to call dogecoin dogecoin

and I called it a miracle that you could

dodge but I was corrected saying that it

should be doggie coin and so doggie coin

has stuck with me since then I never

ever since I started saying doggie coin

I'm corrected again to see Tosh coin so

I'm like okay I'm just gonna stick if

doggie coin so yeah I think it's just

the same like tomatoes potatoes

potatoes doggie Tosh so yeah anyway for

the recoil against VDC yeah we are in

some sort of a squeeze it feels like it

it looks like it but then again there is

a danger that doggy coin could actually

lose its a software value against BTC if

PDC goes on a solo run towards the

upside so be very very careful I'm not

going to trade too soon this could go

both ways you know this looks like a

series of valleys but at the same time

it also looks like a mountain range

Mountain one mountain to mountain tree

we could be collapsing down as well for

the doggy coin against BTC so be very very

careful you can connect a very nice

support line over here yeah so mega mega

mountain over here yeah these are you

know four or five mountains over here

you can find it so be very very careful

you know sure there's the potential

there because to go up but like I was

saying be very very careful about going

to doggy coin too soon because we don't

know how much lower it is going to

correct so I mean of course if you don't

mind holding it for some time then sure

you can bite anytime anyone but in my

opinion I think it should be waiting for it

until it goes into over so first year so

this one time your student Alicia so

we're just gonna be patient I'm gonna

wait for logic on wheels to do that in

all right as we want to dog equine

against us DT before I please give this

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let's check out the comments of last

week 24 freakin comments wow there's a

lot Geoffrey one day we will all be rich

off of doggie coin good luck to you cash

flow to the moon completely scorn is

making me money

mmm good for you cheesy gentlemen this

is the start of the legendary okay

there's a lot of everybody needs to come

their tips oh I said tits okay I'm

gonna have to you know that's not right

now whenever you upload a video on

YouTube you need to mention if you use

profanities so things like hell what's

the hell then tits these are

profanities so anyway Cory

looking like it's going to make another

push here shortly going in three long

why tree long why not for long or five

long why just tree long Cooter's king it

wasn't a move last night okay there how

do I pronounce you ninja DISA actually

previous can be will up value someday

yeah not just talking quite a lot of

other coins as well that is I am okay

good I think you're a prophet of doggie

coins Oh Cory again hold gentlemen hold

the door

behold or turbo Doon boots told you

Spence what's your price prediction I

don't know the man I touch no hey Barry

looking good so far okay no it's not I

don't know if you look at the video the

title of the video what does he say he

says dog doggy coins yeah price

prediction right yeah so I'll let you

know my thoughts in it if I see a

potential price rise I will let you know

if I see a potential price fall I will

let you know if I'm not entirely sure

I'm gonna I'm just gonna say I'm not

entirely sure but if I sense danger I'm

just gonna warn you but if I sense

potential I'm gonna let you know as well

so yeah anyway Barry looking good so far

okay I don't know how to pronounce your

the name I fight the 50w Gordon good for you

Anna can I buy tokiko ensure and tell me

what is the value of the coin in 2030 yeah I

think Rock honored yes you can and

nobody knows very good reply poutine

poutine hammer

whereas everyone suggests acquiring and

storing dog equine I have 500 thousand

coins in Robin Hood buy one another

a million coins also of Robin Hood were

actually owned then yes sir you can do

that on okay just go to coin gecko coin

geico.com Koko should be paying me Ecco

so much as good, it's really

good it's good so if it's good I'll

let you know yeah

and then you go to doggie coin right and

then you click on it so what it's

going to do is it's going to bring you

to the individual page of doggie coin

all right and then you navigate to the

the market step you click on it and you will

see the top markets for doggie coin if

you are in the US it is available on

Finance us there you go you can get

doggie coin here if you are in the rest

of the world, you can go to finance it is

available on balance so yeah this is how

you acquire it if you're in the US or

elsewhere in the world, you can acquire

it on B tracks as well

we track finance works either way so

these are the top two exchanges that have

the highest volume 200000 for balance

for personal follows a hundred thousand

in volume for B tracks for the past 24

hours so yeah there you go that's how

you do it poutine poutine

so let's exchange our doggie coin USD t

technical analysis so for donkey coin

against us DT we are at the skinny pink

the line we are not particularly reversing

it but beware because we are over BOTS

alright so it is up to you you want to

hold it it's up to you but when things

are robot what do you do consider

selling at least sample okay let me show

you what I mean the last time we were

over so where were we

let me see not exactly consider this

because it doest have enough data yeah

this is we were slightly over so here

right and so we were really all robots

here and here as well right we were here

over so yes overbought here at a peak

overbought here at the peak right you

can sell some here you go sell some here

you should secure your profits because

it is only profit on paper until you

secure it

it does not profit it is not in your hands

the boots are still in the bushes so

yeah anyway if you look over here where

are we now

yeah if you bought dog equine when it

was over so over here and right now it

all robot if you sold it here to you

would have secured yourself I mean of

course nobody gets the bottom right

that's just you know for the sake of

demonstration 130 percent you have

secured 100 and freaking 30% if you had

bought the doggy coin at a very low and you

sold it at a very top right now is there

guaranteed they were going to go any

higher no are we going to reverse now I

don't know so at least one more time

there's just no tradable top pattern for

doggy coin what is clear is that there

is a clear or is clear is that clear

resistance line down doggy coin over

here which will eventually break towards

the upside one fine day the when is the

day going to come I don't know maybe

September yeah

feels like something will be coming in

September but um yeah at least one more

time restaurant Alisha we're not gonna

be rushing into any trick until we're

absolutely sure so all I know is we are

overbought on the RSI right now if you

want to hold on it's up to you but if

you would with if you were to be me I

would be selling some over here so it is

entirely up to you

um I even sell all here but of course it

depends upon after you I mean it all

depends upon you whether if you want to

sell it not yeah it's entirely up to you

so yeah there we go that's my take for

don't thank you very much...

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