How To Make Money With Crypto in 2020

How To Make Money With Crypto in 2020

How To Make Money With Crypto in 2020

so you want to make money in crypto huh

pull better to the teacher than true bond

James I've been doing this is 2016 no

training just put my crypto and stuff

and it makes more of it want to see how

cook come on in before we get started 

see here make money and crypto every

single day this is my smart contract oh

what's the smart contract you ask let me

tell you smart contract is up

so on the blockchain it's all you need

to know you want to know more about what

a smart contract is go explain those

good youtubers this is infinitude it's

essentially a smart contract that runs

on top of the Tron blockchain that

allows you know what just go read my

paper click the link go read the white

paper if you want to know about all the

googly goop words and smart wordage and

things like that so what my plan is

going forward this is day 156 of to can

air basically what I've done is I've

just put crypto in all of the daps

on the platform and I'm gonna just

document myself recycling the TRX and

etherium and hex to make more over the

next 20 years so right now I'm on hex

max man if you're in hex and you're not

in hex max you're doing yourself a

disservice ok if you're sneaking through

the original Richard heart-smart

contract and that's it you're just

sneaking through here you're really

doing yourself a disservice guys listen

I've earned 53,000 decks in the past 24

hours now what I'm gonna do is this

speck right here is running for 7 days

I've only earned 12,000 not only I mean

that's good but I if I wasn't sneaking

through hex max I would have only earned

that 12,000 so for I've earned 53 really

70 because I withdrew yesterday so I'm

gonna do is withdraw this I'm gonna

withdraw this but in 7 days when less

one less guy guess it's like three days

now when this steak finally ends I'm

gonna do another steak for seven days

and I'm not gonna withdraw my rewards

here for that seven days but what I will

do is I will sell the UM extra that I

get from the price going up like I said

guys I'm not gonna go over everything

right now

I'm not I'm just not gonna do it there's

a white paper if you want to see all the

deets okay but the price only goes up so

being that the price only goes up I'm

earning hex

from my hex or appreciating in value now

I'm gonna look draw those and we're

gonna wait till tomorrow for that

transaction to confirm I'll be back

tomorrow piece still nothing

Jesus Christ eat speed she's Christ all

right next day in my transaction has

finally went through so I get me 53,000

hex wasn't it I forgot it was yesterday

III I'm slow as so now I'm gonna do

I'm gonna go to get crypto up here and

I'm gonna sell well first I gotta sell

them the hex let's go to UM hex Dex and

let's sell that 53 this is how you make

money guys how you make money in crypto

33000 gonna be give me point six point

six eight for that 53,000 hex let's swap

that for eat and I'll be back tomorrow


see you guys next tomorrow


all right we're back so we sold that

53,000 hex went through the next day all

right so we got 6/8 here now I'm gonna

go to back to here click get crypto and

now I'm gonna sell that eat for TRX so

we've got point six six so I give me

9000 TRX let's exchange that and my TRX

address right swap that copy the dress

and 0.6 punchin $24 not back for once

more contract so far all right see you

guys tomorrow it's been like three days

transaction all right I gotta wait for

the eve to convert to TRX




are we getting somewhere with this is

35,000 days they could ever go through

let's check the etherium transaction has

finally went through guys all right now

can continue on our journey to making

money with crypto with zero trading well

kind of trading lit not trade alright

now that we have our TRX we can hop on

over to infinite to smart contracts all

will be listed at the bottom of the page

you can find a contract address gold

verify it for yourself infinitude

happens to have a full tutorial make

sure you come check that out if you're

curious about how it works but what I'm

gonna be doing is continuing to funnel

TRX use from selling hex into infinity

to keep my pool share growing so I have

two thousand nine hundred this is the

minimum that I'm gonna get every day as

you can see I've earned more than than

the past 24 hours so what I do is I

withdraw this and people keep asking me

why do you LIF draw the TRX and then go

put it right back in it's just to show

that if I wanted to withdraw this is how

much I would have withdrawn so far just

the Pat my stance a little bit just to

show you guys the growth so let's go

ahead and do a hot deposit of about

exclu we're gonna do 10,000 TRX here in

it's going with 10,000 will give me

5,000 infinity which is gonna boost up

my pool share to 2101

TRX per day at minimum so that's about


thirty dollars right now not bad now as

I go into infinity I'm also minting

chickens I've mind 184,000 toucan so far

at a difficulty right now a forty right

that's gonna go up when this gets to

nine when this custom nine million the

price to mine one two and it's gonna go


they're actually actually moaning right

now they're up to kazar a5x men to get

that 5x and 9 days so my order went

through so I'm up to 300 mm tucán now

toucan staking staking is coming very

soon in two hours from this video I will

be able to stake those and earn even

more and I'll be able to earn TRX on top

of that so expect the price expect


token holders it brings me to be I'm

stealing fourth I will not let me catch

you up bro

so what I'm gonna be doing now is well I

can't do it now because staking is still

for two more days not until two more

days when I started taking these I'll be

using that to sell to get into infinity

now what I was initially supposed to do

my initial plan is once toucan staking

comes out I will use rewards from hex

max to buy tucán then sell the second

rewards from tucán to go into infinity

and then the infinity feats the crazy

contract and then I cash this out um

that will probably change but my plan

basically is to just taking a look at

the hex price x price is not looking too

good it's actually dumping right now us

kind of trying to stabilize a little bit

um I think people are probably getting a

little bit nervous I'm expecting this to

cool off let's see what happens we'll

see if we get form some type of flag

here um or the next couple of weeks

what if I can throw some indicators

throw on the moving averages what's

throwing the MA

thirteen and thirty-four Wow

so long way away from those moving

averages man but it's really interesting

to see this actually respect the moving

averages or you can see how it kind of

shredded the thirteen it's very

interesting so what I'm expecting this

some type of reaction at this thirteen

whenever that happens we'll see what

happens but that's what my plan is this

is day 156 of two in there I've been in

this platform for 150 days man first I'm

due a deposit of four hundred I'm gonna

do another deposit of this 456

let's do 456

zero 97 approved and let's wait on it

now what's interesting about this is the

hex for I'm gonna always emphasize this

hex for because they appreciate in value

versus hex constantly every time there's

a transaction the price goes up whenever

there's an in/out or a role the price

goes up and that gives me extra hex so I

have four hundred and forty eight

thousand here um so when I put these in

I'm gonna be able to stay Conundrum

maybe six hundred thousand let's see and

even the unsticks when someone on stakes

there's a small fee that goes towards

this price as well

so hex if you're not if you're in hex

and you're not sticking through hex max

you're doing yourself a disservice and I

mean that from the bottom line well I'll

give you this pickle one Bitcoin if you

can prove me wrong if you give prove me


this bitcoins thing is worth $7,000

transaction went through even earn hex

on my own transaction so we have 800

thousand 800 1000 hex for valued at

eight hundred and sixty thousand hex

right now I can stake this 160 so we're

gonna come back tomorrow I'm gonna show

you one time I'll probably actually

today because it's gonna take some time

we're gonna stick this one hundred and

eighty thousand me eight hundred and

what it's eight hundred sixty thousand

for seven days Ethier you okay let's do

another one

gonna go broke hit C phillium

transactions a little bit he's talking

about making money in crypto clip you

can pay for the fees alright that went

through pretty fast though

alright so let's see refresh all right

this stake right here is gonna start

tomorrow and we'll start earning extra

hex from it you know see how much I earn

you know let's go ahead and roll this

just to be fair you know from your

transaction you make them be me count it

let's count could you did it from your


let's go ahead and roll it I didn't I

have you not have 4000 I can't win I'm

gonna have 4000 in my I'm gonna have

like 2,000 or 3,000 whatever hex for and

it's gonna be work something and people

are gonna say it is so - the 4000 okay

I'm not gonna do a stake for 4000 - take

4000 X we're gonna come back and see how

much hex I earned

from say, loops don't miss on

this opportunity guys make money do

something with your capital funds trade

him to keep losing.

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