Top 3 Altcoins Set To Explode in 2020 | Best Cryptocurrency Investments 2020

Top 3 Altcoins Set To Explode in 2020 | Best Cryptocurrency Investments 2020

Top 3 Altcoins Set To Explode in 2020 | Best Cryptocurrency Investments 2020
Top 3 Altcoins Set To Explode in 2020 | Best Cryptocurrency Investments 2020

all right welcome back everybody to

altcoin daily my name's Austin today I

want to bring you the top 3 alt coins

set to do very very well in 2020 bold

statement I know and I can't see the

future I'm not a financial advisor but I

can say this with so much confidence

because I didn't choose these alt coins

you did you chose every single altcoin

on this list today and hey a community

of a hundred and seventy four thousand

subscribers can't be wrong time will

tell but let's take this opportunity and

have an honest look on what

differentiates these alt coins and what

these alt coins are doing in 2020 like

the video like the video if you

appreciate this type of content and

let's jump in

the number 3 coin that you chose got a

ton of votes is XR p XR P currently

trading at about 19 cents per XR p coin

one of the oldest alt coins in the space

created way back in 2012 specifically

created for the banks and for the

financial institutions

so while Bitcoin was created to free the

average person you me from the banks

from those centralized middlemen XRP was

created to work with the banks work with

the regulators and while bitcoin is an

open public blockchain XR p is a private

semi centralized permissioned blockchain

very different beasts so what's the use

case the purpose of XR P is to be that

cryptocurrency that handles worldwide

cross-border transactions right now

current archaic systems like Swift are

slower and more expensive right it might

take three to five days if not weeks to

settle a transaction right now and cost

hundreds of dollars in fees x RP solves

this in seconds and at a fraction of a

cent and for perspective bitcoin solves

this also but right now obviously XR P

is faster and cheaper now obviously

we're not gonna have time to talk about

every single aspect of the project today

so let's just jump into the big question

are we seeing real world adoption for x

RP in 2020 because x RP has existed for

over seven years like i said one of the

oldest dogs in the space and odl

on-demand liquidity formerly X rapid has

been commercially available since 2018

so are we seeing banks use it well rip

has a ton of partnerships but let's be

clear because you subscribe to this

channel for the truth not the hype you

want the truth so let's not mistake

ripple partnerships for the actual use

of XRP they're different ripple is a

software company and they also have a

coin you investing in that coin doesn't

give you steak and ripple the software


just like when ripple makes a

partnership with a bank it doesn't

necessarily mean that they're using XRP

so let's flush it out which banks are

actually using XRP and yes yes I get it

ripples master plan is to first to get

all the banks using their software and

then hopefully banks will choose to use

XRP because it's faster and cheaper

ripples approach to adoption is twofold

first get the banks to use their ledger

software to send fiat money without

necessarily requiring XRP instead of the

swift way this step is important because

it doesn't radically change the way

banks do things today and then their

second step is that the banks will

choose to use XRP so in 2020 what's the

status from my research right now there

are no big banks using XRP at scale for

example Santander announced that they

were testing XRP five years ago since

then we've heard little to nothing since

SBI Holdings they've sent out

encouraging press releases the last two

years again we have yet to hear them

announce publicly that they are using

odl and moving X X X amount of money per

month Bank of America has referenced

them in interviews and referenced

they're distributed ledger technology in

their own patents Barclays at least the

investment arm of Barclays has made

investment remittance startups that are

using x RP in in row minces to and from

the philippines it's not nothing and x

RP ho dollars do like this but again to

my knowledge not a single one of those

banks has publicly announced that they

are using o DL and moving X X X amount

of x RP per month the reality is that X

our piece of volume in 2020 mainly

consists of traders escrow in and outs

wallet swaps and of course money grams 5

o DL corridors that are active right now

when ripple bought a piece of money

Graham last year I do think this was a

net positive for both parties I brought

a little more relevance to money Graham

and it did open up a lot of remittance

markets to Ripple

and yes XR pees volume did increase

since MoneyGram started moving XR P so

what does this mean generally speaking

for all of their clients for XR p volume

well right now ripples on demand

liquidity which again is their the

commercial use of XR P is recording

about 10 to sometimes even 15 million

dollars in volume per day if you're an X

R P holder you like this by the way make

sure you subscribe to the channel to

stay up to date on this perspective but

honestly 10 - even 15 million per day is

a drop in the bucket compared to the

global market

so does this show how early we are or

does this show a clear lack of interest

in my opinion of the metric that is

going to be a key indicator for XR p

success in the near short-term is

watching this is MoneyGram going to

expand past the 5 payment corridors that

they initially installed with ripples OD

l5 is good don't get me wrong but they

have had this partnership for almost a

year now and if x RP truly does save

them 10 times the money

is 10 times faster then it should be a

very easy roll out for MoneyGram to

expand their corridors in money Graham's

offices around the globe and they have a

lot and right now ripples ODL has 5

either way let me know what you think

down below in the comments after this


let's all check the comment section

together and let me know do you think

about x RP x RP historically speaking

has proven to be an oscillator meaning

when Bitcoin pumps x RP will pump harder

if history is any indication moving on

while x RP came in as your number 3 coin

to watch out for in 2020 aetherium makes

our list as the number 2 coin set to do

very well in 2020 currently trading at

about a hundred and eighty dollars per

eath per coin while bitcoin solved the

use case of money it is the hardest

money aetherium is attempting to solve

the use case of defy or decentralized

applications smart contracts

it's a def platform just like the

internet back in the 90s didn't reach

mass adoption until it had apps on top

of it for everyday average people to use

email browsers these were applications

aetherium and other cryptocurrencies

are allowing us to build decentralized

applications and while I'm still

skeptical of a theorems long-term

viability in a short-term aetherium is

dominating last year they received the

regulatory clarity from the CFTC

declaring aetherium as a commodity not a

security huge for institutional

investors who look for that regulatory


I mean we're watching companies in real

time choose to use aetherium

they're not using Tron they're not using

AOS they're choosing theorem even

Santander Santander bank issues and

settled a 20 million dollar bond on the

etherion blockchain last year this is

the big go signal I believe for other

people coming into the space but when I

want to focus on is as ad app dap

platform today in 2020 what are the

current statistics because obviously

five years ago a theorem had a huge

first mover advantage the generation 3

Kryptos hadn't even been invented yet

ethers generation 2 but five years later

what are the numbers and these are

specifically stats for q1 of 2020 out of

all the daily active users using deff

platforms on a blockchain aetherium

still remains ahead on average aetherium

had over 600,000 daily active users tron

close second 180 daily active users and

the Neo and AOS team not even close to

aetherium also developers in q1 of 2020

a theorem continues to retain the most

developers in the game and again I

believe the money is gonna trend where

the developers trend so eath did get a

ton of votes it did come in as your

number 2 for coins to watch in 2020

just like XRP though does have its

problems first off there is no fixed

supply meaning there will continue to be

an unlimited amount of eath created

until vitalic proposes otherwise also

and you know this as of now aetherium

still can't scale three years ago we

were talking about aetherium needs to

scale three years later we're still

talking about it in 2020 aetherium

should switch to proof of steak but

deadlines keep being pushed back while

the proof of stake aetherium date was

originally set for January 2020 this

deadline has been missed and it isn't

clear when a theorems proof of stay

will launch guesses vary from sometime

in 2020 to maybe sometime in 2021 or

never obviously according to hardcore

eath haters and the last thing is that

people assume

etherium is a hundred percent

decentralized based on marketing

campaigns based on rhetoric aetherium

was pre mind when he first launched 12

million etherium were created for the

developers 60 million etherium were pre

mind for ICO participants - by

considering that at the time of writing

102 million atheria more in circulation

that means about 70 percent 71 percent

of the existing supply was pre mind

during a theorems launch so we'll

etherium be that defy solution we're

hoping for

I don't time will tell either way like

the video like the video if you

appreciate this realistic perspective

eath is number 2 Cardno is the number

one coin that you chose to watch out for

in 2020 although eath and Cardano were

very very close Cardno is a generation 3

dap platform and aetherium competitor

and currently trading at about 3 and 1/2

cents per ad a coin now card on oh it's

a lot newer than aetherium or XRP so so

honestly, there are a whole lot less points

of contact to dissect because with XRP

and aetherium they actually have sort of

a working product so it's easy to

nitpick Carano is still in its test

phase so it's a different stage but

either way what differentiates Cardno

from other similar altcoins in the space

well first off its one of the only

peer-reviewed and academically

accredited projects in the crypto space

with over 31 technical papers published

to date second off besides scalability

besides sustainability Cardinal is one

of the few projects that are

specifically focused on interoperability

meaning that they're very aware that

there will be multiple blockchains in

the future and the blockchain that makes

it or wants to make it will have to be

interoperable with many blockchains and

Cardano is focusing on that and thirdly

Cardno is focusing their adoption


unless financially secure countries were

the people who most of them are unbanked

need a self-sovereign solution to become

banked have some financial security

so Cardano is doing a lot of things

what I want to focus on is specifically

for 2020 how decentralized is Cardno

gonna be once they launch Shelli once

they are a death platform and people are

building on top of them because we're

example AOS with 21 block producers or

Tron, for example, they're pretty

centralized there are degrees of

centralization and everything Cardno

what I like about them is that they are

making decentralization a priority

they say Cardona launched their

incentivised test net at the very end of

last year a little precursor to their

the main net how successful how popular was

this right from Charles Hoskinson the

the man himself but the whole point of

cordana is the centralization and one of

the things that we've done is we've

invested about five years of research

into building a class of protocols

living in a superset of protocols called

proof of stake and basically the idea is

that we want to go from a federated

world this world here to a dynamic world

so this is static and federated and we

want to go to a dynamic and be

centralized world and that was the point

of the incentivized test net and that

was launched in December of 2019 it's so

the idea of the idea was to get data on

some parameters in particular we were

looking at things like how much ADA is a

state and I think we'll approximately

around 12 billion here which I think is

around 40% of the total supply and then

we were also looking at things like how

many state pools we were looking at

things like network quality so basically

is a network stable is it up when people

here are trying to send transactions are

they posting and validating quickly are

we making blocks and with the expected

block schedule these types of things and

here's the reality the ITN was

overwhelming success our

decentralization target was stead of

having three entities to have 1,000 or

as close to a thousand stick pools as we

could get it's a pretty big difference

three to a thousand and we've seen over

a thousand register and I think around

300 or regularly participating in making

blocks which is a tremendous start for a

basically attest that the hissen

incentive spike alright so as far as

test nets go in terms of the uh no

people participating in the state cool

in the incentivize test net success no

developing isn't my immediate background

I'm more of a long-term researcher and

Hodel err but the fear is with proof of

stake and why to me decentralization and

proof of stake has been a challenge thus

far in the crypto ecosystem is because

the rich tend to get richer the bigger

stake pools receive more of that coin

that stake and the rich get richer

because of it so the more stake pools

we're seeing with Cardno is a positive

the frustrating thing about Kordon o is

how seemingly little that they have

actually accomplished compared to how

long they've been around they say

themselves that they're not interested

in releasing anything officially until

they're sure they can release something

without compromising the quality which

is actually refreshing in the crypto

the community now in comparison

aetherium is notorious for doing the

opposite they will write hundreds and

hundreds of lines of code realize that

the code doesn't work scrap it and then

start all over again

card oh no they won't release the code

they just skip all those steps and say

they're not going to put anything out

until they're sure they can put it out

right to the first time either way card

I know is a fascinating experiment I

believe if you're involved in the card on oh

now you probably are a hundred percent

an early adopter considering how

potentially long their timeline could be

but they got a shot.

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