What is the Bitcoin Halving-The Bitcoin Halving 2020-MASSIVE SUPPLY SHOCK

What is the Bitcoin Halving-The Bitcoin Halving 2020-MASSIVE SUPPLY SHOCK

What is the Bitcoin Halving-The Bitcoin Halving 2020-MASSIVE SUPPLY SHOCK
Add what is the Bitcoin Halving-The Bitcoin Halving 2020-MASSIVE SUPPLY SHOCKaption

where the number of bitcoins that is

mined into existence are cut in half

because as you know there will only ever

be 21 million Bitcoin ever so

Bitcoin has a fixed supply and that

fixed supply is deflationary meaning

Bitcoin the first asset ever in human

history has a predictable monetary

supply so in about 15 days for the third

time ever once in 2012

once in 2016 and again coming up in 2020

the supply faucet the block reward the

amount of Bitcoin coming into existence

every block which is about every 10

minutes will be cut in half massive

supply shock the block reward is which

is now twelve point five coins per block

per ten minutes will decrease in half to

six point two five coins per block now

it should be noted that the last Bitcoin

will not be mined into the year 2140

so we will long be dead Bitcoin will

continue to have these having soar over

the next hundred years really showing

how much of an infancy we are right now

in bitcoins lifespan so the 2020 Bitcoin

having by it by all accounts is a huge

event and just another way to think

about this what's gonna happen in 15

days is today around 1800 new bitcoins

are minted into existence each day worth

around 11 million dollars and most of

those 1800 bitcoins that are minted

daily are dumped daily the miners are

constantly dumping Bitcoin but this does

mean that it takes about eleven million

dollars daily coming into the ecosystem

people buying Bitcoin for the price just

to stay the same but in about 15 days

the next having this will drop down to

just about 900 BTC a day that's huge

that's a massive supply shock to the

ecosystem and even if the demand of

Bitcoin just stays the same because

we've been seeing healthy increasing

growth demand in Bitcoin over the last


if the demand

stays the same and the supply faucet

gets cut in half what's that gonna mean

for the price of Bitcoin what's that

gonna mean for you in today I

want to give you some realistic

perspective hit the like button if you

appreciate this content and let's jump

in first off just from an awareness

perspective this popped up in Bloomberg

the other day Bloomberg Businessweek get

set for Bitcoin having here's what that

means articles like this which we are

seeing from traditional finance more and

more means that the FOMO is clearly on

articles like this add to it and while

this educates a lot of people on what

bitcoin is a lot of people from this

massive blast out of awareness expect a

price pump like I said looking at the

last month of Bitcoin we've been seeing

a pretty steady healthy price pump now

despite this my expectation on what the

price that Bitcoin will do the day of

the halving and this should be your

expectation - just looking at history

the price of Bitcoin will probably do

nothing or possibly even dump if we look

at the first halving the price of

Bitcoin really did nothing if we look at

the second having in 2016 the price of

having did something before it before

the event and then dumped that day into

the weeks after and if we're being


it wasn't until 360 days after or even

525 days after and the months leading up

to it obviously that Bitcoin saw new

all-time highs while nothing while

people said it was a failure day of the

Bitcoin having the supposed supply shock

the effects price-wise don't happen

until after this is what the common

retail investor does not know yet this

is what most other crypto YouTube

channels won't tell you that day of

expect possibly a buy the rumor sell the

news after the 2017-2018 bear market we

saw a little first accumulation we saw a

little expansion right now we are on our

second accumulation expectation wise for

me and I'm not a financial adviser do

your own research but we are about to

enter the next official bull market

obviously six to twelve months after the

third having and as a Bitcoin holder

these are the fundamental macro big

picture events that you should be able

to articulate

a friend to a family member now taking

into account all sides looking at all

factors for Bitcoin the only thing that

I could see that might be a little bit

of a speed bump in bitcoins inevitable

rise is what traditional markets do and

we have been seeing despite a record

unemployment record infected record

fatalities unfortunately because of the

trillions of dollars the global economy

is printing the u.s. is printing

traditional markets are turning around

we are seeing right now that the curve

is starting to flatten now the USA has

said that we're gonna slowly start

opening up the country again which is

good economically hopefully the only

thing that I can see that could

potentially slow the party or end the

party is if we open things back up and

maybe this spikes back up again like

we've seen before so you tell me what do

you think down below in the comment


but either way in about 15 days this

will be huge awareness a huge reminder

the third time in history that this has

ever happened

a reminder that Bitcoin has a

predictable monetary supply unlike gold

unlike any other asset in history it is

a harder form of money than gold and yet

despite Gold's market cap being

trillions and trillions and trillions

dollars more than bitcoins today

bitcoins inflation rate is about to be

lower than gold for the first time ever

right here that speaks volumes

fundamentally you let me know what you

think but moving on first piece of news

before Cardno

before aetherium let's talk about tezo's

tezo's surpasses a OS for the first time

in crypto history now Tasos has

surpassed Yeo's and not only real volume

meaning more people are trading Tasos or

using tezo's but also where was it also

in the value locked in staking here is

an updated chart

Tasos is now the biggest staking network

I think this is such big news because

despite Tasos still being almost half of

a OSes market cap this could be a sign

of things to come of the value that

people are putting in tezo's / Yosh I

mean exchanges coinbase

exchanges all over saying hey if

stork tezo's on our exchange we'll stake

it for you you can earn some passive

tezo's in the process and we can all

help contribute to the network and the

currency Tasos has an annual staking

yield of nearly seven percent so you get

seven percent in passive income if you

stay yearly obviously this is a good

sign in the short term in the long term

staking has the tendency for the rich to

get richer these exchange the fear is

that these exchanges will end up

controlling these altcoins

if they're earning the most potatoes

passively than they can then there are

control of operating the network

essentially also another fear I would

say while Yosh was sort of the new

hotness in 2017-2018 a an optimization

came with tezo's for staking in 2019

2020 there will always be a new hotter

altcoin over the years maybe we'll see

an optimization of tezo's in 2021 2022

where the staking then goes to that new

old coin but we'll see exciting times

exciting experiments happening in the

space next piece of news for Cardno the

datalist 1.0 has officially shipped and

according to their CEO it is receiving

an overwhelmingly positive response

this is touted as a huge milestone for

the Carano ecosystem as unlike its

previous wallet this version of Daedalus

is a full node wallet meaning it can

download cardano's entire ledger of

transactions to the device so it's

faster and it can hold more storage and

in comparison a direct quote from

Charles comparing the old version to the

new version sync times for this new

version are around 50 minutes up to an

hour and a half wallet restoration is

happening in 20 to 30 minutes now to

benchmark this in comparison sync times

used to be between 9 to 14 hours in

terms of recovery time it previously

took 14 hours today it took 20 minutes

so obviously huge functionality

improvement for Carano as Cardano

marches towards complete

decentralization this step is crucial


because it eliminates the need for a

third party to validate the transaction

in fact it is the wallet that can carry

out the Auto validation of every single

transaction so the data list 1.0 as has

shipped they've been working on this for

about 18 months obviously this is

leading to the release of Shelly

they say that'll happen sometime this

year I'll keep you updated next piece of

news new reports are coming in that

grayscale aetherium trust so they buy

aetherium and then you can invest in

chairs of their trust grayscale bought

48.4 almost 50% of all mined aetherium

in 2020 so what is aetherium x'

inflation rate how many are mined well

currently for aetherium when a block is

successfully mind on the etherion

blockchain a miner receives 3 eath as a

reward after Constantinople miners roll

will receive 2 etherion per block as a

reward because obviously aetherium

is switching to proof of stake they say

eventually just something to consider

about aetherium it's not necessarily

good it's not necessarily bad it just is

grayscales buying half of all coins

mined all right.

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